hlisjfdla dude.
so, finally you reached this place, and first you want to ask a question: what the hell is hellcore?
"what the hell is hellcore?"
(we don't wanna shake your dog's brain by answering "we still don't know")
hellcore is a name of demogroup, quite active last two years ('67-'68) here in poland. we make demos and such... etc. more on group history can be found on this page, ofcourse if you like reading long and boring stories ;). also look at all productions (demos/64kbintros/4kbintros), and download one, if you wish. some gfx tries, members list, and finally some links to make your phone bill much bigger ;).
we won't make world better. it's just a phun.
that's all folks!
(have you eaten my pencil johny?)
.|e|.njoy scene until it exists.
.ready for brainwashing [y/n]? (enter=yes)
etc, etc, etc... ;)