Let's back to June 1996...

After year of watching several productions from Assembly, with Second Reality at the first place, Mrock was trying to code something (well, anything ;) in pure assembly language. The effects were similar to some of the Orange effects (i.e Television). When he thought, he can assemble the first demo, he created a group. The name has been choosen, date: June'96. During the summer holidays the demo was finished. It was coded in pure real-mode asm, and using friendly DemoVT player. Well, but still without real music (Mrock's modules are hard to listen ;). The time between August'96 and December'96 was usually spent on finding some musician. I did't mentioned that Mrock hasn't ANY contact with the scene, lack of internet, lack of anything. Rage, his friend, told him about some Amiga guy making so-so modules. In December'96 the first demo was finished. It was called 'Burning Chrome' (from some story by William Gibson).

Back to Nobember'96: while looking for a music for a demo, Mrock coded a little intro, exactly just one effect, which can perform a kind of interaction. The effect looks like a water, or something similar, and user can put any image to be readed by the program. Nothing special anyway. It's name: 'Ripple Viewer'.

Rage had an idea to make a BBS, so he asked Mrock to make an BBStro for this BBS. Mrock striken with the enthusiasm of asm coding, coded some sort of BBStro, with Adlib music (composed by him under SBOS :). The intro has even the sources included. BBS name is 'Chaos Board', but it doesn't exist and believe me, it won't appear even if Rage says it will :)).

These days Mrock discovered a pretty thing in his school, called Internet. He looked at the and has started downloading anything newer than his Asm'94 intros and Asm'95 demos. He founded some Polish productions, and discovered that demo parties has been organized in Poland also! Whoaw! So he looked some emails and started to search if any party will appear soon. There was one party coming in February'97: General Probe 3. Mrock just couldn't stop himself, he started to code a 'Beatmapping' demo (again with music by Maestro), he coded a 4kb intro and just in a week before party he coded a 64kb intro ('Falling') with music by some other friend, Creator (who used to compose remixes of other modules :). That was his first time on the party. People were slightly shocked by his 'Extremal Shock', and he won the 4kb compo with it (the prize was a SB clone). Suddenly, demo hanged up (two times) on a compo machine, by unknown reason, and wasn't shown on a bigscreen. But the 4kb first placed intro pushed him strongly.

After that party, scene came to the Mrock house. A mailswapper Cash and graphician Forcer joined to Hellcore. Mrock was preparing to next party: Intel Outside 4 (July'97). In a month after GP3 he coded a 4kb intro, but it took couple months to complete the stuff for a demo. Forcer has drawn some graphs. Revisq, an excellent musician and friend of Cash, made excellent music. The demo was ready, the title was ready: 'Wintermuted'. 4kb was finally finished: 'Ghreath'. Let's go to the party again! This time demo didn't have a hangup (respects to Eclipse for their EOS), but surprisingly wasn't placed too high :)). Due evil party organizing, 4kb compo has been watched by only a couple of freaks. Mrock 4kb intro was placed only 2nd, and (f**ks to IO4 organizers!) he didn't receive any prize. Well, that wasn't so cool.

During summer holidays 1997 Mrock hasn't coded anything special. He coded his first environment-mapped 3d-object rotating-at-the-centre-of-the-screen and was slightly proud of this, because he usually code only 2d effects. He came to mountains and after back to the home he founded his mailbox empty. Nothing, no graphics, no music. So what with the upcoming party? 30 August: Gravity'97. First he merged some effects together and made an 4kb intro ('Deal'), to have anything at the party. Time runs, just a 5 days before party he received a Revisq module. Because of Forcer moving to the USA, there weren't any new graphs from him. Just two old Hellcore logos. Demo have been coded in four days. That was pretty fast. Its name was an idea by Revisq: 'Syrius Orbitter'. In one day before Gravity, Mrock has coded a shitty 64kb intro containing just one effect, his music, some Polish texts and even Polish title: 'Trzecie Tysiaclecie' (third millenium). Really poor production. Let's go to a party at the end of summer holidays. Party results: Mrock won the 4kb compo. That was a good sign!

Again in the school. Last year in secondary school. People speaks, that in December'97 a party is expected. Mrock is thinking and thinking and thinking. Let's do something we have never did: let's do an animation for a demo. Mrock took Rage and Adolph (their friend), and Rage's camcorder. On some cloudy day they were searching any good place for making the film. Destination: some sort of tunnel and prefferable some graffiti. They founded something similar just about 1km from their school. There was a couple of high quality graffiti. So they filmed a couple of underground, narcotic scenes, containing Adolph as our hero. Then Rage grabbed the film with his hardware and converted to easy-to-read-by-Mrock format. Two graphicians: Insane and Orbital joined to Hellcore and created some graphics for a demo. Also ae drawn some graphics. Maestro has been kicked out the group due to hardly doing nothing (well, in fact I'm not sure he whenever knew he was a Hellcore member...). So music was composed by Revisq again. A seven-people production appears: 'Narcotic Nap'. Mrock coded also his fourth 4kb intro: 'Sut' (very good name for an intro, believe me, non-Polish freaks :)). Party was called Astrosyn, whatever it means. None of top Polish groups (i.e Pulse, Poison, Exmortis) was present at the party, so Mrock expected that his demo will be placed higher, but it finished only 3rd. Anyway 4kb intro won the compo, maybe because that name. Maybe not, who knows... :).

During Xmas'97 Mrock coded some routines for next 4kb intro, after two months he added random text to it, and named the intro as 'Born Again'. In January'98 Yez/Omnicolour gave Mrock a chip music for 64kb intro, asking if there is any probability that some 64kb will be coded. There was no hope till end od February'98, when Mrock coded some new strange effects. They were cool, so intro was finished pretty fast as a double-group production. The only problem was a name, but finally also a name appeared: 'Loa - Living in the skies'. Both of the intros competed at Rush Hours'98. 4kb intro took (only?) 2nd place. 64kb intro didn't finished too high, because it was too 'different' for party freaks, newbies mostly... Anyway, download and check it out.

Next 4kb intro, called 'Goa driller', won 4kb intro compo at Quast Party'98 in August (7-9, yes, at the same time was Assembly). It contains some synthesized sounds (available only through GUS).

'Electro dj' is also a 4kb intro (isn't that a 4kb intro factory???), which won intro compo at Gravity'98. And again some sounds, bitmap distorsions and volume controllers ;). Also a pretty bigger project was released at Gravity: a demo, which was ready to use at Quast Party, but finally was released at Gravity, with some improvements in graphics and design. Surprisingly 'Automaton flavour' won the demo competition...